«Love Defies Time»: High School Sweethearts Reunite and Rediscover Their Forever

Love didn’t have an end. The true lovers met after 22 years 😳❤️

Two high school students named Helen Marshall and Graham Richardson fell in love with one another.

And only after dating for nine months Graham considered proposing to Helen and gave her the ring he had worked hard to buy.

But sadly their parents didn’t allow them to get married as they were too young.

And after a year when Graham left for college their relationship faced challenges. Their parents intercepted their letters and it was hard to call one another on the phone.

And after all they drifted apart and started their lives again. They both married to other people. Helen had four children and Graham had two.

They only met at their school events and couldn’t communicate well.

But fate had other plans. Helen was divorced and she learned, that Graham had also ended his marriage. They fell in love with each other and restarted their relationship.

They considered going to vacation to Croatia together and there Graham proposed to Helen once more with the same ring, that he had bought for her.

He wrote touching words in the sand and gave Helen the same ring he had given at the age of fifteen.

She was the happiest woman on earth and considered to spend her whole life with him. They had a modest wedding and only Helen’s parents were present.

They celebrated it with tasty burgers and champagne.

Helen considered, that Graham is her missing puzzle piece and the love of her life.

Graham couldn’t have imagined having such a happy life and he thanks Helen to becoming his most beloved person.

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