«Love Knows No Boundaries»: A Transcontinental Romance Between Englishwoman and African Man Through Virtual Connection

They are communicating in their languages and using an interpreter for translation  😳🧐

An English woman Linda and a 59 years old African man Jack found one another writing love messages to one another on Linda’s Internet page.

They knew each other only through the Internet, but after a year they considered getting married. Linda is a small lady and her height is 153 cm while Jack is tall at around 180cm.

Although they were very different from one another their connection became stronger day by day. They communicated in their languages and also had an interpreter for translation.

In one of the letters Jack wrote about his feelings for Linda and asked her to spend her future together. But at first Linda’s relatives were a little skeptical of their relationship.

It was unusual and impossible for them, that a young man could fall in love with a grandmother. Linda understands them, but she also adds, that she is a pensioner and as nothing to lose.

And they couldn’t live a long time together, as Jack’s visa expired and he must return to his home.

Jack would be able to return to Linda after a year and he told, that his family knew about their marriage, but it’s not the right time to introduce them.

Linda tries not to worry and eagerly waits for Jack’s return. They are still in touch by video chat and email.

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