«Love and Determination Defy the Odds»: All the guests were speechless and touched

The strong couple hit it off. They touched everyone.  🥹😳

A guy named Chris Norton has always dreamed of having a sport career, but unfortunately he had a serious injury when he was 18 years old and he was left paralyzed.

Doctors didn’t give him hope of walking one day. Chris couldn’t get used to the fact, that he couldn’t walk and did everything to achieve his goal. He exercised a lot and also did physiotherapy.

Then he met a social educator named Emily and they immediately fell in love with one another and considered getting married.

But before their wedding Chris worked hard and was able to partially recover. He considered walking down the aisle by himself.

And at their wedding Chris did it. On their wedding day with the help of Emily he walked to the altar and proved the doctors were wrong. It was a powerful and touching moment for both of them.

Chris and Emily considered sharing their story to show others who are suffering, that there’s always hope. They wanted to show, that you won’t listen to anyone.

And Chris and Emily are still the symbols of love and resilience. They encourage others to continue reaching their goal regardless of other’s opinions.

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