«Jolie’s young mom broke many hearts then!»: The archive photos of Jolie’s mother became the topic of discussions

After the photos of Jolie’s youthful mother, you will fall crazy in love with her 🥹😍

Few know that the charming mother of the world’s most beautiful woman passed away in 2007. The Hollywood legend’s mother broke many hearts at that time and when you see her archive photos you will surely understand why.

The first thing people notice is that her mother and her looked incredibly like each other in youth. Their facial features were simply identical.

According to popular opinion, the star’s mother possessed an even more beautiful and flawless appearance and deserved to conquer show business more than her heiress.

«Her beauty drives every single one crazy», «She looked even prettier than Jolie, how come?», «This is with whom beauty started!», «Mom’s genes did their job».

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