The «Friends» star in close-up: The fans appreciated the honest act of Aniston who showed her natural look

Rachel from «Friends» showed her «honest» look promoting a new hair product 🤔🧐

The natural appearance of everyone’s favorite Rachel from «Friends» while promoting a new hair product let no single one remain indifferent. Her hair was tied into an updo that revealed her gray roots.

The atmosphere behind the photos piqued netizens’ interest as well. The Hollywood actress jokingly claimed, «Oh, thank you. See, everyone is excited. We’re excited».

It is worth mentioning that she strongly rejects artificial ways of maintaining her beauty and attractiveness. She is for natural beauty and aging with dignity. The fans appreciated how carefully and tenderly she approached everything.

It should be mentioned that Jennifer has launched her hair care brand. She offers a wide range of hair products for all types of hair.

The outstanding actress often delights her followers with her «honest» photos with no makeup frankly showing her wrinkles and other age-related changes.

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