«One in luxury, the other in hardship». Victoria Beckham’s sister has nothing in common with her except for the facial resemblance  

No success either in career or personal life 😲🧐

It happens when sisters have completely different destinies. For example, one may be very famous and the other unknown, or one may be lucky and the other unlucky. That’s what happened to our today’s heroes, Louise Adams and her famous sister, Victoria Beckham.

Victoria is a fashion designer and is known all over the world, while her younger sister Louise is unknown and hardly earns her money.

Although they look a lot like each other, their lives are completely different.

Unlike her sister, Louise had success neither in her career, nor in her personal life. She tried to open her own clothing shop in 2010, but she failed. In 2002, she got married to a mobile phone company director, but unluckily, 5 years later they divorced.

Then in 2014, she got married to Darren Flood, but their relationship was also lasted short.

According to some sources, during that difficult time, she got support from her sister, but now she seems to raise her 4 children all alone without any assistance.

The proof of it is her job choice. Recently she was captured on the street coming from work. Surprisingly, she works in the parking lot of the Essex Center, where she doesn’t earn much money.

Although Adams is two years younger than Victoria, she looks older. It’s because she doesn’t care of herself unlike her sister.

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