«You won’t see anything cuter than this today!»: The heartfelt photos of Moore with her grandchild delighted the fans

Here are the first exclusive photos of Moore with her little grandchild 🥰🤗

The recent photo shoot of this legendary actress with her granddaughter became the subject of discussions. The star in a tiny bikini with a leopard pattern was gently holding the little baby and looked happier than ever.

It seemed as if the iconic movie star herself was the mother since she looked much younger and still attractive despite her age. «The best-looking grandmother the world has ever known!», «These heartfelt pics melted my heart!».

On Mother’s Day, she also posted heartfelt photos of her and her daughter Rumer. Many noted that their bond was special and something out of this world. «I can feel the tenderness through the screen», «She is the best granny!».

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