«Who said perfection doesn’t exist?»: After the recent photos of Hathaway, the fans started admiring her even more

The world continues to admire 40-year-old Hathaway who doesn’t know how to age 😍

Perhaps, no one will deny that A. Hathaway is among the most beautiful, attractive and charismatic actresses in the film industry. Despite her age, she still continues to be the muse and the idol for millions.

Looking at her recent photos, no single one will believe that she is already 40.

She is believed to look unearthly beautiful and absolutely unique no matter age, time, place and what she wears.

The fans of the iconic movie star can hardly get enough of her and are impatiently waiting for new photos.

«She has no equals!», «Who said perfection doesn’t exist? Then what is this?», «What magnificent appearance she has!», «She ages like wine», «I can’t find words to describe my love towards her».


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