«What quarantine can do to a beauty icon!»: The way Tyler looks like in everyday life raise many questions

Many are not ready to see what Tyler looks like when she thinks no one is watching 😳🤔

With her flawless skin, perfect parameters, charming sky-blue eyes and femininity, L. Tyler has long been among those iconic and influential stars whose beauty was considered real and worthy of admiration. But her recent appearance raised questions.

No one knows the true reason for her transformation, but the fact that she now looks unrecognizable can’t be denied. Maybe, the long lockdown or motherhood had their impact on the beauty icon.

This is what the outstanding and successful movie star looks like when she is sure no one is watching. Despite the harsh criticism, some noticed that it was actually her loose flower-printed top that added some extra pounds.

No matter what, she still looks perfect and is the epitome of female beauty for her partner D. Gardner.

For those who don’t know, they have been engaged for already six years, yet the actress still has no plans to get married explaining that «I love being engaged, but I have no desire to put a stamp on it».

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