«What a blessing she is!»: This is what legendary Schwarzenegger’s little granddaughter looks like

Here is rare footage of one-year-old granddaughter of the famous Terminator 🤗🥰

Here is the adorable granddaughter of A. Schwarzenegger who has just recently turned one-year-old.

This rare footage shared by Katherine, the daughter of the legendary actor and the former Governor of California, pleasantly surprised everyone. The father of this little cutie is Chris Pratt.

For the celebration of their little heiress’s first birthday, the spouses decided to organize a small but a warm party. Here is their youngest heiress Eloise.

The photos showing the charming mother gently holding her heiress in her arms touched absolutely everyone. She had a warm smile on her face and seemed happy and proud of her daughter. The spouses still don’t reveal her whole face.

«And just like that, she turns one! What a year it has been, and what a blessing she is. My little bundle of joy, who has made me a mother of two beautiful girls. She exudes sheer happiness, delight, and endless laughter».

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