«Went too far!»: After these photos of failed surgeries, you will reconsider your opinion about changing your appearance

Here are photos showing the results of surgeries that completely went wrong 😱😳

In today’s reality, people rush to change and improve their appearance in a desperate pursuit of perfect parameters and «right» facial features. Now, people give their preference to undergo surgery, rather than accept the way they are.

However, not always people’s requirements are met and there have been a number of cases when plastic surgeries completely went wrong.

Here is M. Rourke who has completely lost his individual features and the former handsome man is now hard to recognize. After a great number of procedures, he transformed himself beyond recognition.

Here is another example: the Bogdanov twin brothers whose appearance has also undergone radical changes due to plastic surgeries. To their great surprise, surgeries didn’t make them look better, but even worsened their appearance.

They became hard to recognize after undergoing numerous surgeries and beauty procedures. What do you think?

The whole thing is that in most cases it all started with rhinoplasty and then they couldn’t stop and control themselves.

Seeing all these transitions, one may find himself or herself reconsidering her choice about undergoing surgery.

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