«This is what true love looks like!»: Here are heartwarming joint photos of actress Zeta-Jones and her husband

After these heartfelt photos of Zeta-Jones and her husband, you will believe in true love 🤗❤️

Few know that the love story of this legendary movie stars started 23 years ago. They fell in love at first sight and knew that they were destined for each other. Soon, they started dating. In 2 years, the couple organized a luxurious wedding.

Their son was born in 2000. The beautiful spouses are still inseparable and make everyone believe in pure love.

Whereas their relationship is not the perfect one either. In 2013 they broke up for six months, then reunited.

Looking at their joint photos, it is not really hard to guess that they still have mutual feelings for each other. Their heartfelt joint selfies quickly went viral and pleasantly surprised everyone.

Here they are gently kissing each other!

«I can’t explain how much I love this couple!», «They look absolutely happy and harmonious», «Please share the secrets to your long-lasting relationship».


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