«This hottie drives men crazy!»: Lady Gaga shared a video of her seductively getting out of the pool

Lady Gaga left the followers speechless with a spicy video in a bikini from a vacation 😍

The recent vacation photos and videos of this world-renowned singer from sunny Los Angeles became the subject of discussions. The iconic performer fully enjoyed her vacation and spread positive vibes with others.

She captivated her followers with the spicy video of herself seductively getting out of the pool. Many couldn’t remain indifferent and «attacked» the star with nice compliments.

«I can’t imagine a woman more attractive than her», «She is my idol forever and ever!», «She is not only incredibly talented, but also uniquely beautiful and feminine».

«We need more of you! Share more photos with us!», «You are our only queen», «She has no equals».

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