«The epitome of female beauty!»: The new image of the «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» star will delight everyone

After the recent photos of Jolie, you will make sure that this woman doesn’t age 🥰🥹

The recent paparazzi photos of the world’s most beautiful woman with her daughter Zahara became the subject of heated discussions. For those who don’t know, the girl is a student at Spelman College in Georgia. They finally reunited and looked happy.

The delicate white summer dress of the Hollywood actress pleasantly surprised everyone. She wore sandals, carried a cream-colored bag and the final touch to her image was a black blazer with golden buttons.

What concerns Zahara, she chose a gray blouse, a matching miniskirt, a cardigan and an orange-colored bag. They warmly greeted each other and were happier than ever.

Later, they were filmed while walking hand-in-hand together. This time, the iconic woman gave her preference to a cream-colored sweater and a black classic skirt. Zahara chose a yellow top with voluminous sleeves and black trousers.

Though there were comments claiming that dark hair suited her better, there is no denying that she looks stunning with blond hair too.

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