«The bride of the 2023 Met Gala!»: The magnificent appearance of Cruz at the annual event deserves our attention

All eyes were on Cruz who outshone everyone with her vintage Chanel bridal gown 😍

The spectacular appearance of this charming, successful and world-renowned Spanish actress became the subject of discussions. She simply couldn’t miss the occasion since she was a close friend of Lagerfeld.

Her vintage Channel bridal dress with a large veil and organza adorned with sparkling sequins gave the outstanding actress even more charm. The silver leather belt perfectly emphasized her thin waist and was inspired by vintage haute couture.

Her over-the-top platform sandals and luxurious jewelry complemented her delicate image.

She styled her hair neatly and her makeup also delighted everyone around. The outstanding actress put on glossy lipstick and smoky eyeshadows.

Cruz touchingly spoke of the late designer, «My dear Karl, I hope you feel our love. I’m sure you know it».

She shared that since she wanted to choose one dress from the great man’s collection, she couldn’t do that for a long time since each of the outfits was fantastic and adorable.

How did you like the Spanish actress’s vintage wedding outfit?


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