Rescue Mission: Abandoned Dog Found Helpless at Shelter Gate, Receives Second Chance at Life

He was looking with pleading eyes 🐶🥲

It was not a usual day for the shelter staff, because they discovered a helpless dog tied to the gate of their facility. They were heartbroken! Who could do such a terrible thing and why?

His previous owners had acted smartly and tied the doggy just near the shelter, being sure that the staff would not be indifferent about him.

The rescuers immediately freed the poor animal and took him in. They spotted some injuries on his nose and different parts of his body. It’s clear that he had appeared in such an awful condition because of people’s cruelty.

They named him Misty and started to cure him, providing him with everything he needed.

Now the sweet animal looks completely different and the most important thing is that he is now healthy and strong.

After some time of his arrival, the staff found out that had a chip.

The rescuers are trying hard to find any information about his owners, because of whom he had appeared in this condition.

Thanks to the kindness of the staff, the dog is now safe and protected.

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