«Prioritizing comfort over fashion!»: The appearance of Lawrence at the premiere left no one indifferent

Lawrence’s fans were left speechless when they saw the actress in flip flops 😳😱

Here is one of the vivid cases when a world-renowned and successful celebrity prioritized her comfort over fashion and beauty standards. Among the attendees at the premiere of the documentary became iconic Lawrence.

Her scarlet strap dress with a matching shawl on her arms delighted absolutely everyone. But just imagine her fans’ surprise when they noticed her footwear!

Her vibrant makeup and beautiful curls made her appearance unforgettable.

But, of course, everyone was taken aback since she, as a matter of fact, violated the protocol. Her footwear was considered inappropriate.

However, this is not the first case she has found herself in a funny situation. She stumbled when she was about to receive her Best Actress Oscar in 2013. Then, she somehow lost her shoe during a dinner party in London.

And this time – in a magnificent dress and in flop flops. Many found this extremely strange and contemptuous act.


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