Mom’s copy! This is what Milla Jovovich’s 15-year-old heiress looks like

She has grown up to be an exact copy of her mother 🥹😍

Mila Jovovich is quite a famous actress in Hollywood who has always shone with her acting talent.

Recently, her daughter became a topic of discussion due to her pretty appearance at the premiere of Peter Pan and Wendy in New York. Fans spotted a big resemblance between the girl and her mother.

The stunning girl was in quite a modest outfit which corresponded to her age. The witnesses were attracted by her look and nude makeup.

She really has a strong resemblance to her famous mother, especially her nice smile looks like that of Mila.

In one of her interviews, the girl mentioned that she didn’t have a childhood like other ordinary children and is pleased with it, because it’s what she always dreamed of.

Although Mila considers her daughter’s interests strange, she never disturbs her to do what she wants.

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