«I cry myself to sleep!»: Here are the honest thoughts of Kardashian about how it feels to be a single mother

Kim Kardashian finally opens up with fans about how it feels to be a single mother 🤔🧐

One of the wealthiest, most successful and world-renowned celebrities and businesswomen has recently been invited to the show called Purpose with Jay Shetty where she eventually opened up about being divorced and a single mother.

The star has shared that even with the help of nannies and assistants, she finds it extremely difficult to raise children. She often does things simultaneously and sometimes can’t manage all the tasks.

Kim shares that though they are siblings, they often get into conflicts and she has to be both considerate and strict. Kim also mentioned that she sometimes finds herself crying because of exhaustion.

What concerns the rumors about her relationship with T. Brady, it turned out that they were just friends and nothing more. As a result, the rumors were denied.

It became known that between Brady and her only a business relationship exists and there is actually nothing like a romance.

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