From Twilight Heartthrob to Devoted Family Man: The Evolving Journey of Jackson Rathbone

As if he is a completely different person 🧐🤔

Jackson Rathbone became well-known especially after portraying Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga, where he played his role perfectly. Since then he is loved by many people, despite the fact that he has changed a lot.

The actor gained everyone’s attention not only with his acting talent, but also with his handsome appearance.

Now the star is already 38 and is a loving husband and father. He has three adorable children and is deeply devoted to his family.

Although now he is not so active in acting, people from all over the world remember his vampire character.

He frequently shares warm family photos on his Instagram account and it’s obvious that for him his family is in the first place.

The actor has transformed beyond recognition. His beard gives him a different look. However, he is still very handsome and attractive.

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