Demon Cole from «Charmed» 20 years later: This is how the fantasy series star’s appearance has changed

Cole from everyone’s favorite «Charmed» wins millions of hearts even after 20 years 🥹😍

Were you one of those who were impatiently waiting for the new episode of this popular fantasy series? If yes, you definitely remember this actor who managed to win millions of female hearts throughout the series.

Each and every girl was madly in love with him and dreamed of seeing and interacting with the talented actor. Since his acting was brilliant and he had powerful masculine energy, only a few could resist and not fall in love with him.

The character whose middle name was Balthazar was portrayed by J. McMahon, who was born in Sydney, in 1968. He is now 54 and still hasn’t lost his charm.

Few knew that before pursuing a career as an actor, he used to be a successful model who walked the runways in Paris, Milan and other places. Before attending an elite school, he studied at the Sydney University.

His career started with a jeans commercial and then he became overall known after his role in «Dynasty».

However, it was the series that brought him overall fame and recognition. The character he portrayed was really popular with girls especially.

He is now active in «FBI: Most Wanted Criminals» where he continues acting in an excellent way and still wins hearts.

He has been married twice and now prioritizes three women in his life: his mother, his wife and his daughter.

He has acted in a number of horror, fantasy and detective movies and still has his enormous contribution to cinema.

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