A New Lease on Life: Empowering Emus through Compassion and Understanding

The mischievous emu learned to trust people 🤗🥹

Emus are known to have bad temper and Karen is the true example of it.

Amanda has tried a lot to get Karen’s temper under control, but she wasn’t successful at first. Karen becomes aggressive every time Amanda gets closer to her.

Amanda did everything to interact with her, but she continued to be aggressive.

Karen appeared in the rescue center, as she couldn’t stay in the zoo. It was difficult for her human handlers to deal with her and Amanda took her to the sanctuary.

But Amanda also had another emu in the sanctuary named Stanley, who wasn’t as bad-tempered ad Karen.

But there’s a saying, that opposites attract and Stanley had a positive impact on Karen. Amanda wanted to demonstrate to Karen, that humans can also love and respect and she considered using her relationship with Stanley.

And after some time she saw, that her idea was successful. Karen saw their sweet relationships and understood humans aren’t as bad as she thought.

Although slowly Karen began to soften around Amanda and she demonstrated a mischievous side of her own. She even allowed Amanda to pet her, which was something unbelievable at first.

Although Karen still has her moody days, she adores being cuddled as much as Stanley. She has changed a lot since arriving at the sanctuary and she also learned to trust humans.

Karen is now happy with Stanley and her owners and she lives her desired life.

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