«The Rock legend is barely walking with his caretaker»: The fans were saddened when they saw seriously ill Osbourne

Seeing their idol barely walk, the fans started to pray for the rock singer’s health

Here is legendary rock star O. Osbourne who has recently been caught with his caretaker in Los Angeles. For those who don’t know, the Rock icon is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and can hardly even walk.

Now, the great artist doesn’t leave his house without his caretaker and can move properly only with the help of canes.

«My heart has just broken into pieces», «My childhood idol!», «What a pity!».

«I can’t believe my eyes. It’s so sad to see your idol hardly move», «This is what a disease can do to a human!», «How much he has changed!».

«I will pray for you, my favorite rock singer!», «We all are with you», «I wish you health».

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