«Her elegance knows no bounds!»: The Princess of Wales delighted everyone with her spectacular appearance in London

No one can take their eyes off the elegant image of Middleton, the Princess of Wales

Everyone’s special attention was drawn to the Princess of Wales whose spectacular appearance in delicate business attire for round table corporations in London. They touched upon the topic of early childhood which is in the scope of her interests.

For such a remarkable event, she chose a suitable and very elegant attire, classic black trousers, a white blazer and a top. The Princess’s blazer was from A. McQueen which she wore during her tour in Jamaica as well.

Middleton decided not to «overload» her elegant image with massive jewelry and chose only golden earrings. The emphasis of delicate makeup was on her eyes and peach cheeks.

«She is becoming the Princess of People’s hearts!», «Her elegance knows no bounds», «Everything on her is gorgeous – her hair, face and garment».

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