From an «ugly duckling» into the hottest star: These are rare photos showing what Johansson looked like as a child

Here are exclusive archive photos of little Johansson you have never seen before

Only a few know that S. Johansson started her acting career as a child. However, because of her plain and ordinary appearance, she couldn’t achieve big success still having no idea that in the near future she would become the world’s hottest actress.

Her first appearance on TV was when she was still 9 and, recently, during one TV program, the audience recalled what little Scarlett looked like as a child. She gained overall popularity after her participation in «Lost in Translation».

Even the TV host was more than sure that she wouldn’t go too far in acting. It is worth mentioning that at that time the future star often faced criticism and was called «an ugly duckling». And now, she is one of the most successful Hollywood actresses.

Now, the former «ugly duckling» is one of the outstanding and prominent movie stars and the hottest celebrities in the show business.

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