«Bones are visible again!»: Paparazzi caught the world’s most beautiful woman while shopping in an ordinary store

Here is the star of «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» in casual clothes and with no makeup 😲🧐

No matter age, this overall-known and successful movie star has never ceased to pleasantly surprise with her unearthly charm, grace and attractiveness. She has always outstood with her femininity and kind-heartedness.

However, the recent appearance of the Hollywood star in casual clothes while shopping in a regular supermarket came as a big surprise. Many were left speechless by her entirely natural look and extreme thinness.

«She doesn’t suffer a star fever unlike most of today’s celebrities», «She looks and acts like an ordinary person», «Not her loss!», «I am worried about her unhealthy thinness», «How could Pitt leave such a goddess?».

How did you like her appearance? Share your opinion!

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