After a long break, Elle Fanning was caught by the paparazzi with her beloved one

They became a topic of discussion

Few knew the connection between Elle Fanning and Max Minghella, because the couple did not want to be in the spotlight, but after more than three years of dating, the paparazzi managed to capture them on a walk together.

Ellie often appears in front of her fans, but is always alone. She has never introduced her lover to people.

In their photo, you can guess that their relationship is excellent and they really love each other.

They suit each other a lot and look great together. While walking, they were both dressed quite casually and looked like they were returning home from shopping.

They first knew each other during the famous movie «Teen Spirit». Max wrote the screenplay and Elle played the lead role. Since then their love story started.

Although Elle is 13 years younger than her lover, they adore and respect each other.

Their fans are impatiently waiting for the official announcement of their relationship.

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