«A hottie with perfect parameters!»: Model Ambrosio’s look in a bikini top and pink mini shorts deserves special attention

After these photos of Ambrosio in a bikini, you all will fall in love with the model

One of the most charming and beautiful women of our era is believed to be this iconic model, Alessandra Ambrosio. Although the star is already 39, probably no one would give her more than 25. The Brazilian model still shines with beauty and attractiveness.

The unearthly charm and the femininity of the celebrity always attract millions all over the world and are actively discussed.

Here are the latest photos of Alessandra in a bikini top and pink shorts that went viral on the Internet. Absolutely everyone asked her to share her ageless beauty secrets.

«I haven’t seen a woman more stunning-looking than she is», «What crooked legs she has!», «The one of a kind», «What if she removes her makeup?».

«A dream body for all girls and women», «You’re such a hottie. I can’t!», «Is she 39? Are you serious?».

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