«The muse of Dolce & Gabbana»: No one took their eyes off half-naked Kardashian lying on bed with a seductive man for D&G

Half-naked Kardashian lying on bed with an attractive man became the face of D&G

The iconic celebrity and the muse of world-class Italian brand D&G has lately participated in a provocative photo shoot appearing in D&G bodysuit from the brand-new spring-summer collection.

The overall-recognized star who has recently been filmed for Balenciaga, appeared in an elegant black corset-bodysuit. The collection was presented while she was lying on bed together with a seductive man and the scene resembled a 1960s cult movie.

With her attractiveness and perfect body, people often draw parallels between her and other style icons such as Loren and Bellucci. Apart from being the Italian fashion brand’s face, she has also become a co-author creating «Ciao, Kim» with D&G.

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