The «Bridget Jones’s Diary» star is not the same: This is how Renee Zellweger well-known for her role as Bridget Jones looks now

The way the star from «Bridget Jones’s Diary» has changed surprised everyone

If we take, for example, outstanding singer Lopez and talented actress Aniston, they both look at least 20 years younger. It is rather surprising that our favorite star from «Bridget Jones’s Dairy» is far not the same and has recently surprised with her look.

This is how charming and outstanding film star has changed since then. Have a look!

In pursuit of eternal youth and ageless beauty, prominent actress Renee Zellweger started to look even older with all those cosmetic surgeries, inserted implants, fillers and Botox.

A simple glance at the well-known actress makes it quite clear that she has done a lot to retain her former charm and beauty now being unable to accept her age.

As a result, all these radical body changes had a pretty bad impact on her making the famous actress look even older and «artificial».

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