The «Blast from the Past» star 25 years later: This is what the 1990s actress Silverstone has changed over the years

Eve from «Blast from the Past» captured the attention of millions after 25 years

Here is Eve, the leading role in the popular comedy released in 1998. The appearance, great talent and charisma of the outstanding movie star captured the attention of millions at that time.

One might have seen her in «Tropic Troopers», in the horror film «Vampire» and many other pictures since she didn’t quit acting after the release of «Blast from the Past».

The charming actress even at 46 still continues to actively share her lifestyle with her followers as well as the heights and achievements in her acting career.

Many failed to see any radical changes concerning her appearance claiming that she is still the same 23-year-old girl from the comedy.


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