«No one was ready for this!»: The radical transformation of Nicole Scherzinger into a blondie made a splash

Scherzinger returned the silver blonde hair color and left everyone speechless

The entirely new image of singer and songwriter N. Scherzinger returning her platinum blonde hair color has made a splash. The well-known performer shared the results of her makeover with her followers on social media.

Her extraordinary gown with voluminous shoulder pads and bold cutouts didn’t let anyone remain indifferent as well. Many were delighted with the gorgeous look of the singer claiming that blond hair definitely suits her much better.

Whereas some rushed to draw parallels between her transformation into a blonde and that of Kim Kardashian since they returned this hair color nearly at the same time. However, the rest was convinced that it was simply a wig, nothing more.

Do you think it is actually real or she simply had a wig for a more realistic image?

Some hardly recognized her claiming that now there is nothing left of her natural look.

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