«No grace, no gloss»: This is how «The Blue Lagoon» star’s daughters look who didn’t inherit their mother’s unearthly beauty

«The Blue Lagoon» angelically beautiful star showed what her daughters look like

Everyone will remember Brooke Shields, a charming model and a well-known actress who first gained overall fame after the release of «The Blue Lagoon». At that time, she was only 14 and it was hard not to fall madly in love with her unearthly beauty.

For some time, Brooke was even believed to be the prettiest girl on the Globe, yet the actress has changed a lot over these years. Now, «The Blue Lagoon» star is already 57 and it has become rather hard to recognize the outstanding actress.

Many were convinced that the girls of the prominent actress from her second husband Ch. Henchy would inherit their mother’s rare beauty. However, as we can clearly see, the girls’ father’s genes were much stronger. «No grace, no gloss», – the netizens.

Some were quick to claim that the woman should have chosen another man. «Surprisingly, they appeared to be totally ordinary», «No trace of their mom’s unique beauty in youth», «If only mom’s genes were stronger».


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