«Men playing women in films»: These prominent male actors who brilliantly played women in movies deserve special attention

Here are 6 male actors who played women in movies and were praised for their talent

E. Redmayne

This man gained fame after the release of the movie about Stephan Hawking, but in «The Girl from Denmark», where he played the character of Lily, he disclosed his incredible talent and gained even more popularity.

J. Travolta

It should be noted that this great actor was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the film «Hairspray» where he portrayed the leading character’s mother.

D. Hoffman

In order to reach his goal, the character transformed into a woman. The role was brilliantly played by Hoffman who won the hearts of millions.

R. Williams

This role helped the actor receive the Golden Globe and his incredible talent was highly appreciated by both the viewers and the jury.

Marion and Sean Wines

In the movie «White Chicks» the FBI agents became overall recognizable who excellently played ladies in disguise.

A. Sandler

Being fond of the genre parody, Sandler rushed to agree to play in «Such Different Twins».

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