«How dare she come in a see-through dress!»: The extravagant look of the 1990s’ model left everyone speechless

You will be surprised when you see how the 1990s’ model Moss came to a show

There is no denying that among the iconic, most successful and best-known models in the 1990s is Kate Moss who was the pioneer of the androgyny trend with her indescribable beauty and absolute uniqueness.

Already at 14, she became the Face and signed a contract with Calvin Klein. However surprising it may seem, the legendary woman is already 48, yet she still never ceases to stun everyone around with her perfect figure and charming appearance.

The recent appearance of the 1990s’ model caused a stir immediately becoming the subject of discussions. The outstanding star appeared in a totally see-through dress which barely covered her private parts and perfectly emphasized her body.

This is how the network users reacted to her extravagant appearance. «I can see each and every part of her naked body», «One of the legends of our era», «Far not everyone could wear such a revealing dress», «She is my muse».

«I am afraid her age is already showing itself», «You could have dressed up in a more modest way», «Know your limits!», «At 48 still slender legs», «How dares she!».

What do you think of the iconic model’s extravagant look in a see-through dress?

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