Helping those in need is this 8-year-old child’s passion, and he enjoys doing it from a very young age

This child does more than adults can do

We need to learn a lot from this 8-year-old boy from South Carolina, who has devoted himself to helping those who are in need. While many people consider it difficult, this amazing boy does it with pleasure.

This passion arose in him when he was just 4 years old. At that time he supported people smaller than him, and there’s no doubt that it was just the beginning of his priceless work.

The child has become so popular that now he even has a rescue organisation named «Helpline», which provide poor families with food and some household items that are necessary for everyday life.

Greyson, the boy inherited this features from his parents who both were firefighters and helped so many people during their practice.

He says that wants to become a Navy SEAL, because John F. Kennedy was in the Navy and after it he became president. So he wants to become like him.

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