An ordinary school day became a special occasion for the girl

The whole school organized a surprise for the girl

If you join the military, you must be ready to make many sacrifices. And it also regards your loved ones.

They must be ready not to see one another four months and even years. This means missing many important dates and celebrations with family.

The US Army soldier named Jason Webb knows how difficult it was for her daughter to grow up without a father. He knows all the difficulties and sacrifices of her, so he considered making a big surprise for her and come back home after 2 years of deployment.

The whole school knew about the surprise.

Haley Webb was celebrating Veteran’s Day Assembly at school with her classmates and teachers. She wanted her father to be present at her performance and she even asked him if he could leave for a day.

But the man immediately answered it was impossible. She was sad, but completely understood.

Everyone knew how much the girl desired her father to be present at their performance. And the school immediately agreed when Jason asked the school to assist him.

It became clear, that the man had already asked for a one-day leave even before her daughter asked him. But he wanted to make a big surprise for her.

He just told about his arrival to the family, who were in touch with the school to organize the surprise.

Haley was a part of the school band playing her instrument on the day of the celebration. And after it she was asked to come up on the stage and read the introduction for their special guest.

Haley considered there’s something wrong. While reading the story she saw something unusual in it. In the middle of the story she understood it was her father’s story. But as she knew he was in Korea she forgot the thought.

But something in her heart made her think of her father all the time. And when she looked up to the audience she saw him. And it was when she started crying in front of everyone.

She saw her father among others in the uniform and when he went to her she started crying even louder. She hugged him so tight in order to complete the lost years.

The man asked her daughter if she was surprised.

But the girl couldn’t stop crying.

And she couldn’t be blamed for her tears, as she had missed her father a lot.

Her usual school day became a special occasion for her, that she will remember forever. The special surprise was captured and it was so touching, that it has almost 5.9 million views on Youtube.

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