After a difficult past, the dog got what she really deserved: lots of love and care

This is how a pregnant dog’s life changed in a second

When Rebecca Lynch and her husband were on holiday, they came across a very touching sight. Everything happened in Georgia, and that day became fatal for them.

The woman spotted a stray pregnant dog, whose condition was extremely serious, so she couldn’t remain indifferent about the poor creature.

They put the sweet doggy in the back of their car and made her place very comfortable. On their whole way, the woman was looking after the cutie providing her with everything she needed.

And surprisingly, just a few hours from her rescue, the doggie gave birth in the car.

She became a mother for six adorable puppies. The couple took them to a vet for checkup and they were informed that all the babies were healthy. They will stay with them until they become old enough for adoption.

Luckily, the life of Lizzy, the doggy, changed at once thanks to the kindness of humanity.

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