«A swollen face and vulgarity»: The scandalous appearance of legendary singer Madonna became the subject of heated discussions

64-year-old Madonna scared her fans off with her appearance in a close-up photo

Generally, fans of today’s successful and overall-recognized celebrities are rarely endowed with a chance to see what their idols look like in real life and without any preparedness. The winner of the Grammy Awards Madonna has lately caused a stir.

As many rushed to claim, the once iconic and legendary singer Madonna has changed beyond recognition and doesn’t look the way she does on her social media.

Her lips and cheeks look abnormally big and her face is extremely swollen making her fans be concerned about their idol’s health. Though no deep wrinkles and folds were seen on her face, many found that her appearance left a lot to be desired.

«I can’t believe my eyes! Is this really her?», «What happened to the iconic performer?».

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