«Visible to the naked eye»: In response to her haters, Beckham denied the rumors that she has turned to plastic surgeons

Designer Beckham denies the rumors that she has undergone any plastic surgeries

It is not surprising that a great number of world-class celebrities periodically turn to plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the pursuit of eternal youth and beauty. Many clearly noticed that fashion designer V. Beckham has changed a lot over the past few years.

Comparing the archive and recently taken photos of the celebrity many have come into conclusion that the fashion designer has undergone some radical changes concerning her appearance.

Many rushed to claim that Beckham has definitely turned to the services of surgeons and cosmetologists. «Why is she lying to us?», «I am wondering what she has done with her face», «I can see it with the naked eye».

«Victoria is no longer the same», «I can’t see Beckham here!».

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