«She isn’t called the most attractive woman for no reason»: The provocative image of the «Jennifer’s Body» star drew the fans’ attention

Fox in a bustier jumpsuit with an extreme plunge neckline left everyone speechless

Lately, the well-known, successful and talented 36-year-old actress has been spotted alongside with her fiancé Colson Baker better-known for his pseudonym Machine Gun Kelly at a party before Super Bowl. The hot look of the star wasn’t unnoticed.

The world-class celebrity, who is truly fond of provocative and revealing outfits, attended the party organized by Drake in Arizona. Fox’s spicy jumpsuit which drew the public’s attention, perfectly emphasized the American actress’s perfect body.

Her bustier jumpsuit with bold cutouts highlighted her toned body, thin waist and magnificent forms. The attenders’ attention was drawn not only to the «Transformers» star, but also to her fiancé who appeared in a long sleeve top and jeans with a low fit.

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