«May they reunite in Heaven»: The symbol of teenage disillusionment James Dean and his love story with actress Pier Angeli

The tragic love story of James Dean and Pier Angeli will break your heart into pieces

James Dean was among the most favorite, in-demand and legendary actors of America who won millions of hearts at that time. The iconic film star fell in love with unearthly beautiful Italian actress P. Angeli whom he met on the set of a film.

Their relationship quickly evolved, whereas when the actress introduced him to her mother, Dean and her couldn’t manage to get along well with each other and were in a tense relationship.

As a result, the beautiful couple could do nothing but keep their relationship out of the spotlight. The charming actress was always under the pressure of her mother and had no choice but to obey the rules she created.

Yet, to resist her love towards James seemed something beyond the bounds of possibility.

They soon had a wedding creating an exemplary family cherishing their dream of buying a house in Beverly Hills. Whereas, while the actor was busy being on a film set in New York, Pier’s mother made her daughter marry V. Damone.

As a result, she heartlessly put an end to their relationship.

When James returned from the US, he could do nothing but to watch the wedding ceremony from afar. Later, the former lovers were offered to act in the same movies but a day before the shooting, Dean at 24 died as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Soon, the actress divorced her abusive husband who forbade her to play in films. She passed away at the of 39 and the fans of the former legendary couple hope they reunited in Heaven.

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