«Love lies in the eyes of the beholder»: The way iconic actor Brosnan’s wife has changed over years drew everyone’s attention

The new photos of the wife of iconic actor Pierce Brosnan left the fans speechless

It is hard to perceive that our idol, a praiseworthy and successful film star is already 68 since he still can boast about his athletic and attractive body as well as brilliant qualities and charisma.

It should be mentioned that the legendary couple united in 2001 and they are still totally inseparable. Keely has become plumper and looks unrecognizable. The new photos of her soon spread over the Internet leaving all the netizens speechless.

No one could remain indifferent towards the way she has changed commenting on her recent photos.  «Love is blind», «What a legendary couple», «Her appearance doesn’t prevent him from being madly in love with her».

«Wow, Pierce, you love her endlessly and unconditionally», «Bravo, he loves her soul».

How do you find her appearance now? Share your opinion below!

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