«It’s illegal to look this good at 55»: The rare footage of Hollywood actress Roberts in a bodysuit has long been discussed

The fans couldn’t find words to describe how stunning Roberts looks in a bodysuit

A simple look at this charming, overall-famous and brilliant Hollywood actress makes it difficult to believe that Roberts has already reached her fifth decade. These rare vacation photos of the iconic star went viral causing discussions on network.

To many, Roberts’s charm has completely disappeared and she ceased to be the same «Pretty Woman». Some were more than sure that she looked much better and more attractive years ago adding that now there is nothing left from the former beauty icon.

However, the rest was convinced that she looked fantastic despite her age and is still winning hearts with her grace, femininity and charisma.

Some clearly noticed that the legendary actress’s skin has become sagging and such age-related changes as wrinkles have already appeared.

Do you think she has lost her charm? Have you watched the cult film «Pretty Woman»?

Share your opinion about her current appearance in the comment section!

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