«In a torn dress»: Madonna’s daughter left everyone speechless with her provocative photos from a party in a bold outfit

Scandalous shots of Madonna’s daughter in a revealing dress at a party

The recent scandalous photos from a party shared by Madonna’s 26-year-old daughter in a bold and revealing outfit caused a stir on network. Lourdes never ceases to show that she can surprise the entire world just like her legendary mother.

According to TSN, the girl posted some provocative photos from a party with her friends leaving her followers speechless.

Lourdes’s provocative look in a revealing outfit which emphasized her silhouette exposing the whole front part of her body has long been discussed by netizens. Her «torn» black dress drew absolutely everyone’s attention.

What concerns her friend, she was in a revealing white outfit which emphasized all the curves of her body. Perhaps, she foresaw the criticism, that’s why she turned the comments off beforehand.

What do you think about Lourdes’s recently shared photos on Instagram?

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