«In a delicate dress from the brand Larvin»: One of the trendsetters of our time Ashley Graham proudly showed her thin waist in a sundress

No one could take their eyes off plus-size model Ashley Graham in a peach sundress

Here is one of the most influential and in-demand plus-size models as well as main trendsetters of our time. Her popularity is beyond the bounds of the USA and is in the center of a number of fashion designers’ attention.

Despite being one of the most popular plus-size models in the US, she still has a huge number of ill-wishers and haters who never miss a chance to insult and condemn her for her «imperfectness». She doesn’t feel ashamed and often shows her unique figure.

Her delicate peach dress from the famous brand Larvin with red stripes beautifully flowed on her feminine and flourishing body. Graham completely accepts her extraordinary body and appetizing forms.

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