«From a cute girl into a rock-and-roll star»: This is how Taylor Momsen well-known for her role in «Gossip Girl» looks and lives now

Here is the actress from «Gossip Girl» after years

People had no idea that adorable and gifted actress Taylor Momsen well-remembered for her role as Jenny Humphrey in the popular TV series «Gossip Girl» would ultimately become a successful rock singer radically changing her career path.

It is worth mentioning that she made her debut at an early age shortly after the release of the Christmas fairy tale «The Grinch Stole Christmas» and who was concerned about the fate of the leading character J. Carrey.

Momsen gained fame and overall recognition shortly after her role in the well-known TV series «Gossip Girl». At the age of 14 the gifted actress brilliantly played the role of teenager Jenny Humphrey born to an extremely poor family.

However astonishing it seemed to her fans, the charming actress announced that she was about to put an end to her career since the sphere of music is much closer to her heart. What is more, Momsen founded her own band «The Pretty Reckless» in 2009.

She is currently following her musical career performing in the band and sometimes delights her fans with her appearance at social events. Recently, the 29-year-old star made appearance at BMG’s pre-Grammy party held in West Hollywood.

Many clearly noticed that her style hasn’t changed at all when the talented musician was posing in a black mini dress, a leather jacket and boots in a glam rock style. Her obsession with smoky eyes is still there as well.

Are you a fan of this popular rock star? Do you think she has remained the same?

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