«Fed up with all the conditions»: The litigation over family business of the former iconic Hollywood couple continues

Jolie denied the information about some agreements with her ex-husband Brad Pitt

The litigation over family business of the former legendary spouses and one of the Hollywood’s most striking and admirable couples still goes on. The iconic actress strongly denies the existence of some agreements signed with Pitt.

As Pitt admits, he agreed with his ex-wife that none of them would sell their share without informing and the agreement with the opposite side. Pitt holds the opinion that Jolie harmed him on purpose when she agreed to be concerned with Yuri Shefler.

Jolie in her turn asked for some time in order to prepare all the documents. Soon, her legal team stated that in fact there were no agreements between them.

«Ms. Jolie denies that such an agreement exists. She alleges in a counterclaim that Mr. Pitt specifically waived the right of first refusal in writing. Jolie indicated that she was fed up with the conditions that he put forward on the deal».

Jolie admits that she has received such vital documents that will surely help her in her «battle» with her ex-husband and, according to reliable sources, FBI provided her with a 100-page volume disclosing all the details about the incident on the plane.

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