«Beyond the bounds of possibility to look like this at 72»: Fashion designer Wang left everyone speechless showing her slender legs in a bodysuit

You won’t believe in your eyes when you see 72-year-old Vera Wang in a bodysuit

Believe it or not, here is well-known and successful fashion designer Vera Wang who has recently celebrated her 72th birthday. Many can’t really believe in its truth since the iconic woman still looks amazing and possesses slender legs.

No one could remain indifferent and her loyal fans didn’t miss a chance to shower their idol with lots of pleasant and praising compliments.

It is rather hard to believe that there is a 72-year-old granny in front of us. The celebrity never ceases to pleasantly surprise everyone with her slender legs, flawless figure and glowing skin.

It goes without saying that many, even youthful girls, will only dream of looking this way. The network users are still wondering how the fashion designer manages to look 25 while being in her 70s.

What do you think about the fashion designer’s figure in a bodysuit? Share your impressions below!

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