«Before she started weighing over 300 lbs»: An archival photo of Lizzo where she looks unrecognizable has recently been shared

Plus-size singer Lizzo hasn’t always looked this way: This is her in an archival photo

One of the most popular plus-size American singers Lizzo never ceases to hit the screens with her brightness, scandalous and sometimes revealing outfits. She definitely knows how to surprise the public with her performances and uniqueness.

However, her appearance hasn’t always been like this. Though her weight is currently 308 lbs, she is not ashamed at all. Instead, the well-known performer encourages others to accept the way they are and openly support body positively.

In her youth her body shape wasn’t like that of today and her style was humbler and more modest unlike today.

Nowadays, she often leaves her audiences speechless with her vivid and outrageous outfits as well as self-confidence despite others’ negative and criticizing comments.

«I can’t understand what she is wearing», «How come the lacing withstood her overweight», «Where does she get her plus-size clothes from?».

What do you think about the popular singer’s appearance? Are you for body positivity?

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